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發布日期:2017-08-26瀏覽次數:字號:[ ]


The Fifth International Symposium on Chinese Language and Discourse (5th ISCLD)

第五屆漢語語言與話語國際研討會 / 第五屆漢語語言與話語國際研討會


Chinese Language in Action: Discourse, Literature, Culture and Education

18-20 June, 2018

The University of Sydney, Sydney, Australia


    The 5th ISCLD is a biennial international symposium that advances the exchange of scholarship and emphasizes an empirical orientation in functional discourse studies of the Chinese language. The theme of the 2018 symposium is Chinese Language in Action: Discourse, Literature, Culture and Education. Paper proposals are invited to showcase latest advancements in, but not limited to, the following topic areas:

Chinese language and discourse: e.g. discourse and grammar, discourse and society,  language change and development, language and social change

Chinese language and literature: e.g. language and new/web literature

Chinese language and culture: e.g., language and new media, intercultural communication, multilingualism and translanguaging

Chinese language and education: e.g. Chinese teaching and learning, Chinese teacher education, Chinese proficiency assessment

The working language of the conference will be either English or Chinese.


Keynote speakers


Professor K. K. Luke, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

Professor Hongyin Tao, University of California, Los Angeles, USA

Dr Boping Yuan, Cambridge University, UK



Pre-conference workshop


Theme: How to get your research published (18 June, 2018)

by Professor Tao Hongyin and Associate Professor Zhou, Jing-Schmidt

Key dates 

1)    Call for paper deadline: 30th  October 2017 

2)    Notification of acceptance letter: 31st  January 2018

3)    Early bird registration deadline: 31st  March 2018

4)    Pre-conference workshop: 18th June 2018

5)    Conference dates: 19-20th June 2018




Early-bird registration fee: AUD 200

Standard registration fee: AUD 260

Pre-conference workshop: AUD 50

Full-time student fee: AUD 150

The registration fee covers lunches, tea/coffee and refreshments.

The Sandra A. Thompson Best Student Paper Award

A cash prize of AUD300 will be awarded to a paper submitted and presented by a current student who has not had a PhD degree at the time of the symposium. Selection is based on both the content and the presentation. Those who wish to participate in the competition should indicate the intention with “For SAT Best Student Paper Award” marked on top of the abstract. A full paper is encouraged but not required for the competition.   

Publications sponsored by the International Symposium on Chinese Language and Discourse:




Chinese Language and Discourse  (ISSN 1877-7031 | E-ISSN 1877-8798), Benjamins. Executive Editor: K.K. Luke; Co-Editors: Hongyin Tao and Li Wei

Global Chinese: An international and interdisciplinary journal of the Chinese language and its users worldwide, 《全球華語研究》, De Gruyter, Executive Editor: Li Wei


Book series


Studies in Chinese Language and Discourse (ISSN 1879-5382), Benjamins. Executive Editor Hongyin Tao; Co-Editors: K.K. Luke, and Li Wei

Proposal submission guidelines

1)    Presentations are for 20 minutes, plus 5-10 minutes for discussion.

2)    A one-page abstract (250-350 words in English or 400-500 characters in Chinese) is to be submitted as an email attachment to iscld.event@sydney.edu.au 

3)    Do NOT include your name or institutional affiliation in the proposal since all proposals will be anonymously reviewed.

4)    Only one abstract from each person will be considered. Multiple submissions are not allowed.


Organizing Committee


The fifth International Symposium on Chinese Language and Discourse is co-sponsored by Department of Chinese Studies and China Studies Centre of the University of Sydney.

Linda Tsung, (linda.tsung@sydney.edu.au) Co-chair, University of Sydney

Wei Wang, (wei.wang@sydney.edu.au) Co-chair, University of Sydney

Irene An, University of Sydney

Josh Stenberg, University of Sydney

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